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Diploma in Digital Painting

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About Course

Diploma in Digital Painting

Digital painting is the process of painting, not on paper or canvas, but on a computer screen or tablet. Specially designed software programs make it possible to apply “brushstrokes” using a stylus or mouse. The artist can use a program that mimics traditional watercolour, oil, impasto, charcoal, acrylic, pastels, airbrushing, and other media. Tools include digital brushes, pens, and pencils of varying sizes, shapes, and textures. Digital painting differs from other forms of digital art, particularly computer-generated art, in that it doesn’t involve a computer rendering from a model.


  • Drawing Tablet with Stylus
  • Digital Painting Software
  • Motivation to learn!

Course Projects

Project 1

  • Create a series of characters for a story or game

Project 2

  • The scene for a story or game.

Project 3

Create fantastical scenes or characters

Lab & Equipments

Post-Production/ Editing Labs

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Painter
  • Procreate
  • Krita
  • ArtRage

Sculpting Labs

  • Labs to carve, mold and shape different materials in three dimensions.


  • Digital painting labs
  • High-performance workstations
  • Optimized for painting tasks
  • Apple Mac Pro HD
  • Digital pens & tablets

Course Content

Learn The Fundamentals of Drawing

  • The Drawing Fundamental Pyramid
  • Line Fundamentals
  • Contour Line Fundamentals
  • Shape Fundamentals
  • Blocking Out Drawings With Shapes
  • 3D form Fundamentals
  • Drawing Texture

Learning to Use a Digitally Paint

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